Here's how it works!

  • you will get the best quality photo(s) you can. single-picture cards at high-quality are awesome, but up to two or three photos can be used and still look great! collages of more photos can also work, but finding good examples are helpful for the design process.

  • fill out the contact form and use the uploader to get me your order. send me any ideas you have, check out some backer options if you'd like, and also feel free to check out my favorite site for design ideas, Minted. i will never outright copy another artist, but if you find an element or style that suits you, let me know.

  • once i have your ideas and photos, I'll get going on a design. the first draft can take around 3 days, then i will email it over and have you take a look. we'll make any changes or updates quickly!

  • while i'm getting your draft ready, you can finalize your addresses on a spreadsheet and send them over. a five-column sheet via Excel or a Google Sheet works best, with name, address, city, state and zip. if you go with Google, be sure to share it with!

  • when the draft is good to go and I have your addresses, i'll get printing and then package it all up and send it your way! woo-hoo! done and done.